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Price of Modern Bathroom Faucets on the International Market

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Why Modern Faucets Exports & Imports are always Profitable?Exporting Modern Bathroom Faucets Companies 2020

modern bathroom faucets for the tastes go beyond the use. Individuals who are always careful about details are in tune with the style of home interior decoration with accessories . Antique valves are very much nostalgic for bathrooms.. Modern valves are not far behind, and with their minimalist designs and distinctive geometric shapes have retained their place in this interior decoration space. In some designs, the combination of the two styles is clearly visible.

Price of Modern Bathroom Faucets on the International Market

Why Modern Faucets Exports & Imports are always Profitable?

Why Modern Faucets Exports & Imports are always Profitable?

Why is exporting and importing modern valves always profitable?

To be honest, in recent years Iranian valves have become one of the leading industries and have made remarkable improvements in quality and design. It may be proud to claim that at present some Iranian valves have considerable power over foreign products.

It goes without saying that many Iranian valve manufacturers use cartridges and foreign parts in their products, but this has ultimately led to the production of valves that are both similar in quality to foreign valves and are sold at a lower price. With a fingerprinting account, it would be wiser to buy valves than the domestic market!

Almost all expectations of a valve are summarized above. The fascinating part is that the top Iranian valves provide all the above expectations at a lower price than the overseas specimens:

All brands of Iranian valves use brass alloy for valve body which is the best material for valve surfaces due to its high strength and water resistance.

The exterior design and style variation of the Iranian valves have made great progress without exaggeration.

Electroplating is performed on the valves of the well-known Iranian valves just like the exterior ones with chrome and electrostatic. In addition to these two commonly used electroplating, samples such as Shining Aqua  faucet have used vacuum electroplating (PVD) technology which has a very high color resistance.

The technical parts and cartridges used in the products are imported from leading European countries such as Spain.

Supporting producers and the domestic economy

If for all the above reasons you still have doubts about buying Iranian valves, it is best to point out the other coin. With the fluctuations of the foreign exchange market, foreign valves have now multiplied. In these circumstances we can make an effective contribution to the prosperity of domestic production. With this two-pronged deal, we provide both a high quality Iranian product at a reasonable price and take steps to improve the economic conditions of our countrymen.

On the other hand, in the current situation, domestic manufacturers face the difficult challenges of not having access to the right raw materials, not being properly supported by the authorities, and so on. But due to the fairness and efforts of some manufacturers, these barriers have not led to the distribution of poor quality products on the market. If we do not say it is our duty, we can say that it is in our power to support these producers.

 Types of Iranian valves were established in the 2nd year. The company currently produces and markets more than 5 different valve designs and designs. Exports of Iranian valves to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Russia and North Africa are on the agenda. In addition to fractional proprietary products, the group also represents the largest Chinese milk producer (Huayi), the Czech Republic’s Alcaplast and Melody. . Unlike most brands nowadays, Fraction manufactures classic valves alongside lever valves and offers these products to fans of traditional valves at a reasonable price.

Exporting Modern Bathroom Faucets Companies 2020

The existence of many mines in Iran has made the raw materials of many industries available in our country. This is also the case with the production of bathroom faucets and up to 90% of the raw materials required by the rice industry are manufactured in Iran. The nominal production of these products is up to 15 tons per year. But due to legal and illegal imports in the field, and more importantly the stagnation of the construction industry, it has produced only 5 tonnes of capacity. But the capacity of the valves in the Iranian market is up to 20,000 tons per year. However, according to the secretary of the Bath Valve Manufacturers Association, exporting bath valves in Iran is currently about 2 to 4,000 tons per year, often to neighboring countries such as Central Asia and the Gulf. “Of course, we have limited exports to European countries, North America and Africa,” he added. He said the currency would meet that amount of exports up to $ 8 million. You can find information about modern faucet Waffleans and modern faucet design through various websites.

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