bathroom Faucet

The most important point in choosing the bathroom valve is the change of water valve, which converts it from shower to bath mode. These valves work with water pressure, so manufacturers have produced valves that are locked in the shower and are not dependent on water pressure, in order to prevent problems in the operation of the valves when water pressure is reduced. Nowadays, in areas that are exposed to water pressure, valve locks are used in valves.

Kitchen Faucet

The milk that is installed in the kitchen, according to its science, is made in two forms of fixed science and mobile science (Shawri). In choosing a milk with constant science, you should consider dishwashing height. The height of the valve should be so large that it is easy to wash large containers. The dishwasher should be tall and equipped with a hose and a hood. In choosing a moving science, the ease of movement of the hull, its deposition and the movement of the hose should be noted.